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BBvma Kreuzberg

Within a project week, the young people gained insights into the art of interviewing and were able to try them out in practice in a concluding discussion with the curator Thiago de Paula Souza (curator of the 10th Berlin Biennale).


First of all, individual parameters of a good interview were determined together and the types of questions, structures, goals, instruments and possibilities were considered. The research and intensive examination of the work and biography of Thiago de Paula Souza and the curators of the 10th Berlin Biennale were carried out together. Playful chains of associations, other artistic media and performative exercises to prepare for the interview were carried out in smaller and larger groups. As a result, a common catalog of questions was created. The entire class then chose interview moderators who conducted and recorded the interview with Thiago de Paula Souza in the presence of the other students. Anna Ehrenstein.


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