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The project began with an open dialogue about what the participants wanted from the workshop leader: What specific expectations do the participants have when they come to the workshop situation? What ideas do you have about the sense and purpose and the structure of a workshop? What can the workshop leaders/artists/art mediators contribute without endangering or dominating the open dialogue with a finished concept? After completing the research, an intensive material and data review and analysis took place in order to design a workshop that enables new exchange formats and knowledge transfer in both directions for both sides and, last but not least, questions the structure of workshop providers and participants and, in the best case, dissolves it. Due to a lack of staff, the media floor should actually remain closed on Fridays. However, the management decided to experiment: to open the media floor to interested children between the ages of 9 and 13 on Fridays, so that they can take part in the kosmoSound project. Over a period of weeks, a permanent group of around 10 participants established themselves, who set their themes week after week and worked on them artistically. We were able to develop artistic formats from the wishes, activities and ideas of the children. An example on the subject of friendship was the edible paper certificates that each child designed for a friend with characteristics that the other person values ​​very much. The documents were dissolved, eaten and the process photographed. Question: What is really important? What about friendship? The media floor is now open regularly on Fridays, other artists were able to use this time window for their own artistic work and to work with the group. Drawings, zines and audio recordings were also created in the workshops. Carsten Cremer, Marlon Denzel van Rooyen


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