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HECKE was an exhibition project by the Kunsthochschule Weissensee and the Humboldt University in Berlin. As part of an eight-month collaboration between the artists in the painting class under the direction of Prof. Pia Linz and Hanna Hennenkemper and the curators Mette Kleinsteuber, Luise Mörke and Elisabeth Stumpf, an exhibition was created that could be seen from July 2nd to 23rd in the gallery space Kunstpunkt Berlin. The extensive supporting program was organized by the artist and art mediator Magdalena Beger and the curator Elisabeth Stumpf. This also resulted in a project week with schoolgirls from the Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium in Neukölln, during which the fourteen schoolgirls from different grades explored the exhibition over five days under the guidance of Magdalena Beger, Cara Schlenzig and Elisabeth Stumpf and developed their own exhibition together.


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