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Goldmarie Treptow

Phase 1:

Team Treptow / Artistic direction Magdalena Beger with Alexandre Bailly and Randi Becker

Planning for Berlin Treptow-Köpenick: As part of the first phase of the project, the young people in the Outreach youth club are to be given a range of techniques and materials to choose from, with which they are invited to get to know new things or to deepen what is already known. Together we want to dye textiles and explore batik, stencil technology, try out different possibilities with ceramics and make and glaze plates, bowls, cups and jewelry from clay. At the end of the first phase, we want to discuss the principle of bartering with the young people and design and build a free/barter box together. This should be mobile, and hike in the neighborhood by arrangement, or be accessible to young people in the youth club. The inauguration of the box includes a small event during which the residents of the neighborhood, parents and friends are invited to exchange things that are no longer needed.


8 appointments of 3 hours each in the period 1.4.-15.5.2019 tbc

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