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The Hub is a non profit association founded as an initiative by artists, designers, art historians, curators and art mediators.
The Mission

The members of The Hub e.V. have been carrying out art education projects together for years. It is important to us that our own professional standards, which we have of ourselves as artists, flow into our work with people.

It is important to us to use our art mediation to build a bridge between the art world, which is often seen as exclusive, and people who have no connection to art because of their social or educational background.

We deliberately design the cooperation with groups as a process and on an equal footing, since we ourselves also understand working with various groups as a special artistic experience and also benefit from the perspective of our workshop participants.


The Vision

We see our work as political and artistic work because we try to address social problems and counteract them with the help of art education, for example by helping homeless young people with their art to be more visible in the urban space, letting schoolchildren curate their own exhibitions or actively letting refugees participate in the workshop concept.

Board of Directors
Mona Jas, Alexandra Kersten, Alexia Manzano, Julia Schramm
Local Court Charlottenburg
Company Registration No VR 036437


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